Co-op team with Wilcox Tech of Meriden
Levels: Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity
Practices and competitions are at Municipal Stadium. The team competes in the Naugatuck Valley League.

The Wilcox Tech/Kaynor Tech football program strives to create an expectation of high academic values and ethics, along with high athletic achievement. We focus on developing our young men into more than a mechanism of athletic performance. Our student-athletes and football program will be guided by the following fundamental approach:

  • You are a student-athlete. Our highest expectation is academic achievement and competency.
  • Athletics and football are a metaphor of life; the more precise your training and preparation, the better your results are likely to be.
  • Proper training technique is the best way to instill safety and guard against injury.
  • Team rules must be clearly understood and followed at all times.
  • We represent our family, our team and our school at all times; therefore, be accountable for your behavior on and off the field.

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